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About Me #01

About Me

I started working as a counsellor in 1995 and have been in private practice since April 2000.

Fascinated by the discipline of counselling I first took an RSA certificate in Person Centred Counselling in 1995, continuing my training with a postgraduate diploma in psychodynamic counselling from Goldsmith College, University of London in 1998.

In the same year I completed a specialist certificate in Cross-Culture Counselling at the School of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Regents College London; intensive training designed to provide the tools for working with cultural issues which are sometimes unnoticed.

I, I continued my studies at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling accredited by University of Sheffield, where I obtained a postgraduate diploma.

I have also taken part in training for working with Eating Disorders at the National Centre for Eating Disorders and completed in-depth professional training in Couples Counselling based on Attachment, at The Tavistock Centre London.

As well as providing individual and couples counselling and working with Employee Assistance Programmes, I have organised a number of workshops, obtaining Millennium funding for facilitating a workshop on Eating Disorders and running a Leadership Training workshop organised by King's Fund London.

I work at the mental health charity MIND, where I see long term clients with acute mental health problems including schizophrenia, bipolar personality disorder, acute anxiety, suicidal feelings and other mental health problems. I also provide Personal Therapy for Trainee Counsellors.
Generally I aim to see the current life situation and the difficulty a person experiences at present time.
My main aim is to develop a therapeutic relationship where one feels safe to talk freely without fear of being judged.
Although I am trained in CBT,my ways of healing a person is through clear communication where a person feels safe to explore feelings safely, identify the difficulty in their own way and develop strength to deal with the situation. In a way , I help p/ encourage personal growth..

My Approach

As a counsellor my main aim is to develop a relationship with understanding, empathy and whole-hearted support. I maintain a respectful relationship with people who are experiencing difficulties which are not always understood or heard, and aim to understand the struggle, emotional pain, anxiety, depression, anguish and anger which remains unnoticed, unheard or completely rejected and can lead to confusion, distress or withdrawal from the outside world.

I value human dignity more than anything.

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